Holy Week Randomness

So I am currently staying in my Tita’s house for the Holy Week. Not that I don’t have anywhere to stay, because my dorm in UP (the same dorm where Jessica Soho stayed in her university years) is open for dormers who don’t have anywhere to stay for the Lenten season; it’s just that I don’t want to feel the eerie vibe inside the dorm for there are only very few residents left there. Anyway, there’s free food here, and I get to have faster internet than the DilNet I usurp from the dorm.

Yesterday was Good Friday, and I hope you’re aware of what it meant for Filipinos. Good Friday or Biyernes Santo is the most celebrated solemn day of the Holy week because, according to believers, it’s the day Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay the sins of the earth. Do I sound religious here? I hope not. I myself do not strictly follow the dogmas or rules of the Catholic church, primarily because I am not practicing my faith in the said church. Another reason I could think is I still find traces of hypocrisy among the priests and other churchmen. And I’m sure there’s a lot people out there who share the same sentiment.

So today is Black Saturday, which marks the re-opening of establishments that were shut for Good Friday. And speaking of Good Friday, I spent the whole day doing nothing with my laptop because there was literally nothing to do. Tita prayed while she listened to Radio Veritas, and Ate Cherry cleaned the house. I didn’t want to listen to the Seven Last Words on the radio so I resorted to just fiddle with my keyboard. I was so bored that I fully understood what mukhang Byernes Santo meant, haha.

Later, I’m going to Ongpin slash Chinatown with Keith and Glice. I hope it’s already opened. Yeay for lakwatsa and Chinese food. I hope I don’t get too plump before my graduation day. Oh, did I already mention here that I’ll be marching together with other CAL’s graduating students on April 21, 2011? If I didn’t, well you heard it right. It will be held at the UP Film Institute (thank heavens it’s not at the usual Hardin ng mga Diwata infront of the Faculty Center). So, I’ll be graduating without honors, but with honor! YEY!

(sorry for the shifting/confusing timeframe. I tried to write yesterday but I finished it today so it’s all messed up. I’m too lazy to fix it, though. Hihi)

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