Things to do before leaving UP

Let me see if I can do these things before I graduate on April 21. The results will be out on another blog, of course. Ciao!

1. Enter Asian Institute of Tourism.
2. Accompany someone to enrol for summer.
3. Taka a photo with sunflowers by the Univ Ave.
4. Give P100-worth (or more) of food to a stray child.
5. Jog for at least 10 days, one hour a day.
6. Try to fit a shirt in SM or Trinoma then walk away without buying.
7. Buy a new book.
8. Sort academic papers and put them neatly in boxes.
9. Pray inside a chapel I haven’t gone to.
10. Purchase a shirt that’s on sale.
11. Write a story.
12. Watch a free film at the UP Film Institute.
13. Refrain from eating instant mami and pancit canton.
14. Sit in one of the English classes for summer.
15. Write a love poem.

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