Five of Fifteen

Hello! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here. I’m really sorry to my reader (yes, apparently there’s one reader who’s frequenting this blog, so hello reader!) for the delay of the posts because I’ve been too busy with a series of job application and stuff. Status: no work yet. Still a bum, baby!🙂

So how was I faring these days? Nothing much. I’ve spent a lot of sleepovers, dinners outside, and catching up with friends. I watched TV series and anime (Naruto, Raising Hope, Big Bang Theory, and American Idol). I washed my clothes. Ah, soap suds. Well, my life as of the moment may seem easy and happy, but believe me, it’s no fun especially for those who aren’t used to doing nothing. And believe me, this kind of sedentary lifestyle requires massive amount of money. Oh poor wallet.

Anyway, I recall my blog entry about the bucket list before I graduate (see previous blog) and here’s the result.

1. Enter Asian Institute of Tourism; fail. I didn’t have time to go there. I thought to myself, “What will I tell the guard if s/he asks me what I’ll be doing inside?” thus I didn’t pursue entering the Institute.

2. Accompany someone to enrol for summer; check. And I accompanied not only one, but four. There were my orgmates in UP Kaisa. I just saw them walking towards the Office of the University Registrar and I joined anyway with the thought of fulfilling this list (at least).

3. Taka a photo with sunflowers by the Univ Ave; check. In fact, I took photos by the University Avenue far too many times. Haha! The first one was with Keith and Glice before we went to Chinatown. Here’s the photo.Image

The next one was with Joy Cristel and Karla when we were fulfilling our requirements for the university clearance. As for proof, here it is:


Haha, my photos are so huge, sorry!😀

4. Give P100-worth (or more) of food to a stray child; nope. I totally forgot about this one, and I feel so evil. Perhaps I might continue doing this.

5. Jog for at least 10 days, one hour a day; I think I mentioned here that my life was sedentary, right? So, nope. Hahaha. fatty fat!

6. Try to fit a shirt in SM or Trinoma then walk away without buying; this one is also a fail because I totally bought the shirt I was supposed to ditch! Oh, charming white shirts.

7. Buy a new book; another fail. I just realized that I still have unread books that need to be read first. Too many unread books around makes me feel sick. I felt like I’m a poser–which is the case. Hee!

8. Sort academic papers and put them neatly in boxes; another another another fail because I stacked them neatly in larger bags. Oh, too many papers and books I’m overwhelmed. If I were to put them in a box, it should be as big as that of the balikbayan box.

9. Pray inside a chapel I haven’t gone to; fail. After graduation, J, Cha, and I went inside the Parish of the Holy Sacrifice to pray. I’ve gone there a million times already so fail.

10. Purchase a shirt that’s on sale; yes! The inset for my barong (graduation attire) was on sale when I bought it.

11. Write a story; undecided. I don’t know if it’s a fail or what, because I totally revised a young-adult story and made it children’s story. So, I don’t know. Maybe it’s check.

12. Watch a free film at the UP Film Institute; fail. I didn’t see any film shown there for the past weeks.

13. Refrain from eating instant mami and pancit canton; a total fail. I’ve finished munching the sinful wax-coated instant noodles when I recalled the blog post. Stoopid.

14. Sit in one of the English classes for summer; nah. I’m too shy to attend a class. Students might feel that I’m a show-off, since I’m already a graduate.

15. Write a love poem; check, yes. :p

There you have it. Now you can see how lazy I was.Five of fifteen is sooooo fail. Hahaha! But the good thing is, and I’m showing off a bit, is that I am now out of the university’s sweet torture, and I’m done with academic stuff–so far. This will be the last post I’ll write about graduation, so acquaint yourself with a piece of me which will haunt you in your sleep!


2006-53281, BA Creative Writing.College of Arts and Letters graduate! UP Diliman!

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