My Life as a [Poser] Writer

My apologies to you people who care to read Danie and the City, as I was not able to update my blog. I’ve been busy for the past few days editing a term paper as a racket. The paper was quite difficult to write/edit, perhaps because it is for post-graduate studies. But then, I’m currently sixty percent, so there’s still hope. Yeay! I can only wish that I finish this before sunset tomorrow.

No, it’s not about my freelance job I’ll talk about, but the perks I get from writing. Well, conceptualizing, drafting, writing, and revising may seem bloody (indeed it is!) for some, but it is a delight to receive perks from time to time. Say for example, with this paper I’m currently working, I was paid with an amount that can actually feed me for a week, haha! Isn’t that fabulous? (Seriously, I can’t stop laughing now, haha!)

Last year, I also worked as a freelance writer for a website, and the compensation I received has helped me finance my education, which is cool. I wrote about wines and wine making on that one. I also have written term papers, reactions, and reviews for delinquent students from different colleges and universities. Yes, I know it’s not…uhh…right. I feel so, badass, haha! Joke. But seriously, writing stuff for money is one thing you guys might want to consider. Not everyone has the capacity to organize demons inside their heads, so if you feel like you have what it takes to write even the lamest reaction paper to a film, you go and enjoy such privileges.

So far, the most exciting compensation I received from writing is an all-expense paid trip to Puerto Princesa, Palawan, and it happened exactly one year ago today! To those who are not familiar with the place, please please please search for it in Google, because Palawan is a haven!

The trip was a part of LakbayLahi, a project of our umbrella organization in the university, the UP Sanlahi Alliance. There, I explored the beauty of the largest province in the country together with three other delegates–Raisa, JV, and Diana. We were Team Puerto Princesa, and we stayed there for four days and three nights. It was the best summer getaway I had, so far.


From left to right: Diana, JV, Raisa, and yours truly. This was day two already, and we were bound to the very famous Dos Palmas resort (the one where Rico Yan, the actor, died).  Dos Palmas was so beautiful, and the buffet lunch was, well, something to die for!


This is one among the MANY plates I had, haha! Okay, please don’t judge me and my fluffy squishy belly.🙂

We also toured around the city proper, island-hopped, and visited the World Wonder, Puerto Princesa Underground River. If you guys have the time and budget, you might want to consider going to Palawan because it’s one of the best places in the country, I swear.


This is Raisa and the seemingly pristine entrance to the underground river. Gah, I miss it already!


This is me with my unworn snorkels. Look at the ferocious rain clouds behind me!

Well, I won’t insert all the photos here, as I have hundreds! If you wish, you may check them in my Facebook account, which I wont reveal here. Anyway, it’s not hard to look for my FB account, haha! Shameless plugging, what am I thinking???

But before I resume writing this pesky paper, let me share my favorite Palawan photo of me–


“Habulin mo ‘ko” in English means “Chase me!” That’s all folks, thanks for reading! And remember, there is life in writing!🙂

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