Rainy Days and Flood Days

I was checking my phone’s calendar this morning and I was a bit surprised to see “June” above today’s date. Oh, the days have passed so quickly—we’re almost done with half of 2012. Well, honestly, it was not that surprising to learn that it’s already June because of one marker—the rain. Yes, it’s the time of the year when the whole country experiences rains and occasional flooding. Just last night, I’ve discovered that a new typhoon has already entered the Philippines and is currently bugging the Bicol region.

It’s definitely the time of the year when I have to look for or buy a new umbrella.

And now that the summer time is completely out of everyone’s systems (or is it?), many are now preparing for the rainy season. I know that most of us are now looking for our favorite jackets and sweaters. I can imagine people cleaning their precious boots in preparation for the “winter fashion.”

(Funny how we say winter when it’s just rains we experience. Perhaps we should call it “monsoon fashion.” Or not.)

That reminds me to take my ever-favorite jacket out of the cabinet. I wonder when’s the last time I used it. I bet it smells like naphthalene balls already, hahaha.

And just what I’ve mentioned above, every Manila dweller must expect flooding. Well I know everybody knows that. Let me share this line I remember from reading April Timbol Yap’s hilarious book, “Stressed in the City.” Yap says there that, “The torrential weather we get for a good chunk of the year has made the average Metro Manila resident semi-amphibious.” I almost choked on my sandwich when I first read it, maybe because it is partly-true. Here in the city, I guess that the only people who do not get pestered by flood are the elite—those who live comfortably that they probably didn’t know it’s raining outside. Rain and flooding are already part of our lives. And since I know very well that many of us have prayed for the rain to pour last summer, we now get what we wanted.

It’s also the time of year when our diet is partly-altered. What I mean is, we are again acquainted with gazillion mugs of coffee, tea, and a hundred meals with broth. Hello again, sinigang, nilaga, tinola, arroz caldo, goto, sopas, champorado, and ginataang bilo-bilo. To those who haven’t heard of any of these food, you may google for the recipe and try them. These are comfort for the Filipino stomach especially when it’s co-o-old.

Well, I’m sure you’re now prepared for the rainy season—just be mindful of the open manholes out there!

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