The serpent, which lurks the earth, still coils for reprisal so be careful. It still lives, meandering over human stories. The devil knows your torment, it knows your disdain. It recognizes your need of magnificence. Do you believe?

So you do an ironic struggling to repel.

The world turns to a constant tug between things
pleasantly beautiful and beautifully pleasant.
What’s the difference?

Contrary to what you were told as a child, the good and the evil are two things beautiful.
Wrath is not the rival of appeasement; it is the parallel calmness.
And the ugly is only the by-product of either side. Keep in mind. Both.

Human trouble then is to decide.
Choosing the lesser evil was never safe, opting to which is not does not define which is.

It’s never easy. Do you believe?

Close your eyes and consider your heart…..
Listen to the feel
of rough silence.

A vulture or a crow,
a promotion or a better job,
a grin or a smile,
the ability or the chance.

Now open your eyes. You saw it, didn’t you? Very well.

But why do I know this?
And where do I come from?

I am Adam.
I am a friend,

a pious creation of ecstasy from hell.

Do you believe?

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