Historic Art in the City

Have you guys seen this photo yet?


Free entrance, yes, I know!🙂 Yesterday, Kath, Niko, and I made a visit to the National Museum to take advantage of this good chance because I was so itching to witness the Spoliarium which, by the way, is a painting so gigantic.  The museum is quite distant from where we’re from, but it was worth the trip. It’s like going on a field trip with your gradeschool classmates only you’re too grownup to hold on to your “buddy’s” hands. Plus there were actually school children inside the building which made our visit all the more interesting.

Going there made me feel acquainted with my people’s history.


This is a painting of the old Philippine Charity Sweepstakes’ poster/logo by the ever-famous Filipino painter, Fernando Amorsolo. If you would study the photo closely, there were horse racers at the lady’s back which may actually mean that before the Lotto, the off-track race betting was the deal. How cool is that? Haha.

Too bad, we arrived one hour before the closing time, so we had to hurry a bit so we could roam the whole museum. The galleries showcased paintings, sculptures, photos, textiles, written documents, and even bones.

We were just slightly irked by the group of teenagers who literally used all the museum’s corners for their photo shoot. We thought that it was a total bastardization of art.

Anyway, these are some of the random things we learned from our trip:

1. The spider lily is translated as “liryo” in Filipino. It was the flower/plant mentioned in the famous Ilocano song, Manang Biday.

2. Rhinoceroses roamed around Makati City in the Ice Ages.

3. Jose Rizal was also a sculptor.

4. As opposed to his photos on most textbooks, the Spoliarium painter, Juan Luna, is not handsome.

5. The National Museum was made in 1901.

I recall Kath pondering over the acquisitions, as we went home.

“The museum began in 1901, but it seemed lacking of displays. Do you think many were lost through the years?”

But Niko and I only felt silent, as we don’t have the correct answer. We rather talked about where to eat dinner. In other news, we learned yesterday that it was Niko’s birthday! Seriously, we totally forgot about his birthday until I read birthday messages from his phone. Yes, we’re awful friends that way. We’re still sorry, Nickolie!🙂


He treated us to a dinner in Robinson’s Malate, then headed back home. That’s Kath on the left and the birthday boy on the right side.

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