How to spend the weekend with a thousand pesos

Yesterday was a Saturday. Weekend. It was my last shot to laze and enjoy idleness before going back again to school after the semestral break. Though I miss my students and colleagues at school, it’s still hard for me to accept the fact that I again, have to wake up early to prepare for my lectures. [Everyone, say goodbye to vacation! Goodbye vacation! *wave]

So what to do on a Saturday, when your roommates are not around and nobody else is there to be with? I figured I could use some time to buy clothes. Pardon me for not calling it “shopping” because the word has some vibe in it which I’m not comfortable with. Anyway, I thought I needed at least some new ones so as not to bore my students with what I wear–or the more appropriate reason could only be that my clothes are slowly getting worn, haha. You see, we don’t wear uniforms at school, so my only chance of tricking my students that I have many clothes is through the art of mix-matching.😀

I was a little low on cash because my brother asked for some amount to fill for his tuition fee. But I really wanted to go and purchase clothes. And if you’re reading this from the Philippines, I know you can think of only one place to shop. People who reside in Metro Manila know exactly where to buy trendy clothes in times of such financial trouble: THE Divisoria. Of course, where else? This place of adjoining malls and stalls which offer an exhibit of everyday sales, bargains, and impossible offers may have been the haven for most Filipinos. The malls could get a little crowded especially during the Holidays, but the prices are cheap.

They’re freakin’ affordable.

Just be careful that your Burberry isn’t spelled Burbrerry. Or your Ralph Lauren, Ralph Luaren. You get the point.

I bought one polo shirt and a pair of shoes, all for P750. I wonder if I bought these from an SM mall, it might have caused me some P3000 or more. I was supposed to buy myself a pair of pants but the stalls didn’t have fitting rooms and I was not too bold to try them on with passersby looking. Also, it was really hard to find a polo of my size (L-XL). I recall this conversation I had yesterday with a Chinese vendor.

Me: “Ate, may larger size po kayo nito?” (Miss, do you have a larger size for this polo?)
Vendor: “Ay wala. Jogging ka muna tapos balik ka dito.” (No. Try jogging first, then come back here later.)

That’s some brutally honest lady, haha.

As I paved my way home, I realized that Divisoria is already close to Binondo aka Chinatown. It was already four in the afternoon and I haven’t had my lunch. The thought of a bowl of hot dumpling noodles wasn’t so bad at all. I then treaded to Chinatown and it only took me ten minutes. As I walked the stretch of Ongpin Street, my eye caught this fancy-looking bakeshop so I entered. While scanning their breads, I noticed one which was labeled “JADE LUTOS.” Interesting, I thought to myself, and I approached the saleslady about the bread.

Saleslady: “Oh, the JADE LOTUS, you mean?”

I turned my head down and managed to hide my smile. Before I begin laughing, I immediately rushed outside the shop.

My cravings for dumpling noodle soup was fulfilled by this small restaurant which, I apologize, I forgot what’s called. I helped myself with a hefty serving of dumpling mami, two fried siopaos, and tea. I also ordered radish cake as a treat for my roommate, J.Image

I am so sorry for the very poor photo quality, but it is really palatable. I had these foodums only for P132.

So I managed to purchase a polo shirt, a pair of shoes, and a heaping meal for merely P882.00. Truly, the best things in life, if not free, are definitely cheap. Oh, sweet Lord. Ah, I missed Chinatown.

This is photo of a crowded Ongpin for you. An explosion of colors and cacophony. The fruit vendors by the pedestrian, albeit noisy, remain to be charming.


That’s it. A final blast before going back to work! Life is best lived with less guilt. What about you? What have you been doing in life lately?🙂

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