To hell with coughs

In less than forty eight hours, I’ll be performing as Joseph in our Shepherds’ Play. Yes, I’ll be Joseph, as in the Joseph the Carpenter. Of all the roles, I was chosen for the role and since I really couldn’t do anything to alter this decision (haha!), I accepted my fate. But if I were to choose, I’d like to play as Archangel Gabriel though I am not angel-y. Or, I could pass as the evil evil innkeeper who would deny the couple some shelter to spend the night. Hah! If I were given that role, I would act effortlessly! But yea, I am Joseph–the [relatively] old husband who worries too much about things.

For weeks, I have been suffering memorizing my lines and rehearsing the songs, and let me tell you that it was no easy assignment. We were given very limited time to memorize and my lines were lengthy like that. I had to maximize my time so I studied the lines inside the bathroom, inside the MRT, while dining, before going to sleep. Believe it or not, I am bad with memorizing stuff, because I wasn’t required to memorize words in college. I was expected to create them. It was a miracle that I was able to be familiar with my lines ahead of time.

Practicing the songs was rather hard too, because the tune was quite complicated. It is a German play in English, so the tune was really hard to follow. Most of the time, I was out of tune, and my colleagues had to endure teaching me the right tune. Sometimes, I would even irk them because I usually “modernize” my way of singing, in slurs and whatnot. Heh!

But the hardest part was the rehearsal proper. I didn’t know how to act Joseph correctly. I needed to lessen gestures and talk slowly because I am old, I had to deliver my lines loudly else no one would hear what I say, I had to show that I am worried of my wife’s situation. Sadly, I am not a performing artist, so I had a hard time, and I gave my Director a harder time. Heehee.

Later, we’ll be doing the final dress rehearsal. Everything is well, except for one thing:

I am coughing since last Friday. Intense cough.

How would I deliver my lines tomorrow without fearing that a cough would come out of my mouth? My singing voice (naks!) is also affected. I am worried that my voice becomes very coarse tomorrow. But on the upside, I might be delivering an all-natural “worried” Joseph with “old voice” tomorrow, haha. But a sick Joseph? No, no.

In spite of my several attempts to avoid drugs, I didn’t have a choice but to take medication. I am even rubbing Vick’s vaporub on my chest for heaven’s sake. I don’t want to ruin the solemness of the play with my natural coughing noise! That’ll be awful of me.

So now, I am gravely praying to Jesus that he remove my cough tomorrow–or at least suspend my cough tomorrow at 6-8PM. I am his earthly father, after all. *coughs*

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