Trivials and Virtuals

Trivials and Virtuals

There are times when I felt like getting tired already. It’s as if my energy gets sucked every single day. Sometimes, even getting up very early in the morning seems so hard to do I even thought of not coming to work. Also, I am not feeling well for two weeks now from cough, colds, and tonsillitis. Really, working is a struggle.

Yet sometimes, some trifles, some very trivial things push me back to my track. Some things still make me realize how important this work is to me. My colleagues’ laughter, the sound of children’s feet as they run around the campus, the easy access to books in the library, free lunch, the great view I usually behold from the rolling hills, early dismissals, festivals, field trips, songs, and dances–these compose the string of determination i am clinging to as of the moment, and I can’t even imagine myself going to work, to the school, without getting hold of these simple things as if they were a pat on my back.

“There, there.”

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