Anything but Ordinary

Anything but Ordinary

I am so obsessed with Bokeh lights lately. The small colorful light circles impeccably filling the spaces of the screen always give me the impression that beauty could be found even in the most mundane places. Art droplets.

I think I am a fan of Bokeh photography because it best expresses the city and the living lights and colors; there is an embrace between silence and noise, and I believe that this juxtaposition of oxymorons is very, very special.

Some may think that this is plain and ordinary, that a hundred thousand photographers have explored and perfected this kind of photography technique. I say amen. Yes, perhaps this is passe already. But come to think of it, we can always create beautiful (and unique) things out of the ordinary.

Using this photo, for example–where one among the lights in the array is the silvery moon in its full completeness.🙂

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