Life Cheat on Surviving Sleepy Afternoons

Life Cheat on Surviving Sleepy Afternoons

It’s very hot, I know. The summer has gotten its way to become the city’s greatest bitch that prolly most of us may be wishing for the rains to come to cool the country down.

And this kind of weather has been urging us to slack off in the afternoons and do nothing but sleep. Of course we have work and school and other important stuff to do, and we are only left with droopy eyes and tired brains.

But we can do something to stay awake: drink coffee, do stretches every once in a while, have brief chitchats with colleagues. Nature and life itself will always leave us no choice but succumb to the fate they designed for us. Not. These inevitable circumstances (the heat, sleepiness, stress) can be easily waved off with ideas called Life Cheats.

Not the Life Cheats on video games you’re thinking about, but the cheats you do to alleviate. My life cheat on surviving sleepy and hot afternoons is simple. I only need to have to pretend it’s early morning, not afternoon. This way, I could force myself to stay awake because it is morning, and sleeping isn’t an option yet.

The Beatles, French toast, a nonfiction book, and cold water. Easy. Even the smiling glass of water lightens up my mood and before I know it,I am not sleepy anymore and I’m all ready to do work stuff I need to submit.


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