17 Reasons Why People Don’t Always Suck

On the day that I created my blog, I promised that I would never re-blog anything for the sake of originality. And yet I am doing this, just because. Thank you, Thought Catalog.

Thought Catalog

17. Because this morning, you probably took a form of transportation to get somewhere and people made the car you were driving. Or someone was driving the bus, cab, or train that you were riding in. (And if you walked to work, people built that sidewalk too.)

16. Because someone probably said or will say, “Please” and “Thank you” to you today and actually mean it.

15. Because one time or another, you might have had to change your plans in some shape or form, and the  people who were affected, were sympathetic.

14. Think of your favorite bakery. A human being probably made your favorite dessert or batch of baked goods. (Or at least pushed the button on something to make it happen.)

13. Because you probably have lost something in your lifetime that you thought was gone forever. Only for somebody to later turn it in and have…

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