Sushi’s Birthday: or throwback thursday as we know it

Sushi's Birthday: or how we

Seven years ago, I shared a Math1 class with these girls, Twinkle (on my right) and Sushi (on my left). It was a weird Math class because the requirements, drills, and activities were all art. Art as in the art which required color paper, scissors, and pastels! Good old days.

Last night, we were united again in Sushi’s birthday party at Giligan’s restaurant in Robinson’s Galeria. I was supposed to post an old photo of us but they might kill me for that, so I decided to showcase this one from last night instead. This photo says nothing about what we were and how we looked like in the Math1 class. I tell you.

Sushi: Naaalala nyo yung Math1? Yung class na uno lahat tayo? (Do you remember our Math1 class that everyone aced?)

Ako: Hala. 1.25 ako. (I got 1.25)

Twinkle: HAHAHAHA OMG ang bobo mo! (Such a weakling!)

…and that is how our friendship ended forever. Haha, of course I’m joking. By the way “weakling” does not directly translate to “bobo.” It’s more degrading than that. But since friends do harmless harm to each other, we just let it pass, laugh it off,

and chug it down with cold beer even if we realized we’re not students anymore and we have work the next day.🙂

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