Elbi 2.0 : Or the exclusive ways to the divine Part 1

Unlike many people I know of, I do not travel a lot. Also the best travels for me aren’t those tours to far-off places but those trips wherein I got lost. It is because, and in my honest opinion, travelling with an itinerary or a tour guide hinders the possibilities of knowing a place by heart. The breathtaking scenes in a place are only a fraction of this gamut of travel wonderwork which we call experience. Thus when I travel, I am always ready and willing to get lost. I am pleased to walk on unpaved trails even if that would mean spoiling my shoes. Isn’t that what shoes are made for?

And when you’re granted a week-long break from work and academics, the only thing you’d do to end it is to spend a day in a place special to you. It is a good thing that the UPLB campus is not far from Diliman, and it’s fortunate that someone is amenable to join me.

You know what they say about sudden decisions being better than the planned ones? I guess this trip is one of those. My friend and I did not really plan going to Elbi, neither did we make an itinerary. We left Diliman very early to hedge the traffic, but it seemed like 7AM is the morning rush. It was around 10:30AM when we reached the campus.

What welcomed us inside was a group of students selling J.Co Donuts at a kiosk. Since both of us were curious what that J.Co tasted like, we bought one piece (hahaha!) and ate it while looking for a good place to eat. For me, J.Co was okay, and we’re leaving it at that.

The first thing we wanted to do was to find a Tatak Elbi restaurant or eatery for brunch. The answers we got from people whom we asked were Big Bellys, Chubby Habbi’s, and Faustina’s. We entered Big Belly’s first and saw some customers. As we approached them, we realized that they were the staff, and the restaurant was closed yet! We exited silently and laughed hysterically outside.

So we entered the famous Raymundo Gate to look for the other options. We found Faustina’s and it looked fancy but two groups of people mentioned that the food there is quite pricey so I decided that we’d leave it as the final option. Hahaha! We found Chubby Habbi’s that served Mediterranean and decided to dine there.

Chubby Habbi’s is small but is quite neat, and their mural of photos and maps are interesting. I’m also pleased that the walls are plainly painted. One weird trivia about me is I am easily distracted by wall designs. Anyway.

he food is relatively inexpensive, especially the lamb chops. Lamb chops for P150? Come on.

I had the Chicken+Biryani, my friend was so amazed by the Lamb Chop which he ordered, and we had Griyego Salad for appetizer. I liked my food, but my company didn’t like his because the serving wasn’t hefty, and the lamb chop totally resembled pork chop. Hahaha! Our food were rich with spices that we needed to brush our teeth after eating.😀

It was so humid outside and I thought it was a good excuse to eat ice cream while exploring the vicinity of Raymundo’s which was like the Shopping Center (SC) we have in Diliman, only it’s an open compound, and most stalls sell food contrary to the SC which is full of photocopy and computer shops.

Since I had once gone to some parts of Elbi, I served as some sort of tour guide to my friend whose memory of the university was blurry already, given that he only went there for some camp or conference. I attempted to point out the places I remembered but I ended up with general statements like “That is the oblation,” “That is a building,” “This is the jeepney stop.” So we roamed around and entered some buildings. We didn’t see any guards stationed to the  buildings we entered and we wondered why.Image
I thought that the pattern was interesting so I took a photo. I didn’t notice that people were having their class inside. Sorry to those who got distracted!

Eerily interesting.

We walked more to make ourselves familiar with the buildings which we only hear from our friends’ stories.

DL Umali Building

aker Hall

Call me stupid or anything, but whenever I hear or read “Animal Husbandry,” all I think of is HAHAHA.

 don’t know what is this called, but the statue is so beautiful. It is near the Fertility Tree, but we didn’t go near already because we wanted to sit down. We found benches around and sat there to somewhat discuss what we wanted to do in Elbi. It was humid, but the wind was strong, and it felt nice to cool down beneath acacia trees.

Our partial itinerary was: International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Dtri Dairy Technology, Makiling, and Elbi Square.

After fifteen minutes, we approached a female student and asked how to get to IRRI. The sophomore student was a real nice girl but it seemed like she got tensed while explaining the way there so we kinda had a little problem as we proceeded to IRRI. Haha!

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