Five things you probably don’t know about Harold

Five things you probably don't know about Harold

5. He’s goddamn afraid of ghosts. If you want to test his macho limits, invite him to come over your house for a movie marathon or something then tell him your place is haunted by friendly spirits and leave him in the dark. There’s this one night, we were walking around UP when he suddenly grabbed my arm and moved over closely. We thought he saw suspicious-looking guys lurking so we asked him why. His answer:

“Nakakatakot. Baka may white lady eh.”

4. He’s a budding magician. Well, we think he only knows one stupid magic trick that’s actually impressive. The trick makes use of a special pencil he originally uses for his engineering classes. Being the stupid people his friends are, we were really amazed when he tried it on us one day. We were in a tea shop in Maginhawa and our conspicuous laughs and applause drew people’s attention. Sooner, a staff approached our table and told him he’s entitled to one free drink if she gets amazed. Of course she was amazed. But did Harold get a drink? Of course not. Now, that’s real magic. Haha.

3. He has a chipped tooth, I won’t tell where. And I’m stopping now because his other friends might discover this. HAHAHA.

2. He’s an advocate of Philippine Literature. This is one of the reasons why he’s dear to me. Harold recognizes Filipino authors more than foreign ones, like Jessica Zafra, Ricky Lee, Manix Abrera, and the like. He admits that he doesn’t read much, but he prefers reading those written by Filipino writers. But lately he’s introduced to foreign books; last week he borrowed from me one Charles Dickens and Mark Haddon’s “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime.” Nuxx.

1. He likes to treat his friends. If you’re his friend and he doesn’t treat you milk tea or a couple of beers, you’re prolly not close. Keep trying! Hahaha. But I have to add that he treats his friends IF he doesn’t have a girlfriend or he’s not courting someone. I don’t want to admit it but he’s generous, and he cares for his friends so much.

Happy birthday, Harold! Thank you for the fifteen years of kalokohan! We love you! Wag ka muna mag lovelife, saka na pag engineer ka na.🙂

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