No Venda (A Poem in Spanish)

Espero un nino beba agua gratis,

que un poeta
pueda escribir
sus obras
en arboles
en vez de papeles,

que una mujer tenga un bebe normal;
que un mago haga magia real.

16 setiembre 2011


Hashtag Throwback Thursday.

I was on my 5th year in college when I decided to take my remaining Spanish classes. In my degree program, we were required to take 12 units of foreign language and the stupid lazy younger me decided to take Spanish for obvious reasons.

But it was clearly a mistake. I didn’t really fancy studying the language, which I believe trails back from my lack of interest with words I can not pronounce and understand. To be honest, my chances of acquiring another language outside Filipino and English is too low. Learning Spanish (or any other vernacular for that matter) is just too hard for me, period.

This irrational aversion to unfamiliar tongues made my Spanish classes challenging for me. I was just too lucky that the UP Online Registration gave me the same good professor for all four classes (Spanish 10, 11, 12, 13).

In Spanish 13, she made us write a poem that uses a certain verb tense. I wrote the poem above, and it roughly directs to the idea of possible dreams that people may dream when they realize it’s too late. I will understand if you find it cheesy and contrived, but for me to write a Spanish poem this long (ha ha very funny) definitely made me feel so good.

After reciting it in class, Prof. Cecilia looked into my eyes and said, “Muy bien” in a straight face. I received my final grade for the class shortly after; it was 2.75. But I couldn’t hear anything else after “Muy bien.”

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