Labor Day Booboo List

To all my  friends who belong to the labor force, happy labor day, folks!

So I woke up this morning with a strange thought in my mind–It’s my sixth year to celebrate May 1st as a member of the workforce. (Yep, my early morning thoughts range from deciding what to have for breakfast to mental summation of finances to philosophical considerations of the cosmos) I was never a ‘normal’ college student. While my classmates and dorm mates would mind their academics alone, I was scrambling my way to survival, thus, I needed to take several jobs while studying. These jobs have helped me sustain my university years, and I am proud of that. So as a labor day celebration, allow me to tell 6 booboos which I have experienced as a proletariat otherwise known as a working man.

1. (2010) I was on my fifth year in UP when I applied as a writer for a web hosting company. On the interview, the CEO pointed out (and on the spot) several reasons why he shouldn’t hire me. One of the most valid reasons, according to him, was my incapacity to answer properly as an applicant (which I concurred). Being a graduate of the same university I was attending, he mentioned how impolite I was–he even expressed his disappointment with UP for failing to teach graduating students the proper ways to answer on interviews. I learned much from this incident, especially the part where one shouldn’t answer “Yeah, yeah.” HAHAHA. He hired me still, by the way.

2. (2011) Being a tutor was probably my easiest way to earn as a student. I was already graduating then, and I was a tutor to a grade three pupil. Let’s call the kid, John. Once he asked me about meteors. Okay. I didn’t know much about meteors, so I told him I couldn’t answer. He said, in a very innocent fashion, “You’re a college student and you don’t know about meteors?” Boy, was he upset. The good part was, he kept on bragging to his classmates that his friend is a college student.

3. (2011) Someone asked me if I could write a paper (as an academic requirement) for him. I was busy then so I declined. He bugged me for a couple of days and really begged, but I was also busy with my academic papers so I explained that I couldn’t do it for him. Come summer, he sent me a text message, telling that he got an INC (incomplete) grade for the class because he didn’t write the paper; he asked if I could write the paper now since I was already on vacation and may not be busy anymore. >.<

4. (2012) While I was working as a writer for the PNP, some policeman asked if I could write his Master’s academic requirement. Being the helpful and polite person I was, I agreed. I studied his topic for a week and painstakingly wrote him a five-page study. After submitting him the final output, he handed me P500. Wow. I kept my mouth shut and didn’t say anything. HAHA.

5. (2013) We were learning grammar in class, when one of my brighter students got several mistakes in the activity. As we checked the answers, he shouted, “Mr. Danie, please make number five a bonus! I promise to give you the soul of my first born!” I laughed so hard in front of everyone.

6. (2012) I was wearing longer hair then. The interview went smooth, only the interviewer had to move out of the room in the middle of the question-and-answer session to ask the admin officers if I were male or female. Apparently no one could tell, and they ‘judged’ me according to the pair of shoes I was wearing. This story I was told after a year of working with them.

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