Magic, Forever and Always

This is probably one of the most unusual incidents that I’ve experienced, in the name of trifle matters. Last night, I was about to shut my computer to sleep when I accidentally opened a long-forgotten folder of ebooks that I kept years ago. The folder contained a relatively copious selection of books that I, as mentioned, have forgotten already. So here’s the thing. One of the folders there contained the Harry Potter books series, including a copy of Quidditch Through the Ages. For curious reasons, I opened it and found myself clicking the final book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and reading the first few chapters. Before I noticed, it was already 12mn so I decided to sleep, promising myself that I would get up early to continue reading.

(A brief history: I stopped reading Harry Potter after book six. I believed then that I was still not prepared to let go of the story of the boy who lived. I attempted reading it in 2012 but I stopped after about a hundred pages and closed the book for good. I also haven’t watched the last two installments of the film adaptations. So for the last years, it was a struggle for me to dodge any spoilers I could sense.)

I woke up around 5am and I resumed to read the book. After two hours, I paused to rest, and went to Facebook. Then I saw this photo posted by a friend:


I froze in my seat and laughed. Blimey, what are the odds. Haha.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HARRY JAMES POTTER. Thank you for bringing us your magic, which, I believe is still effective, see. As a birthday present, I am finishing your story today. Drama aside, I guess I am now ready to let go of a portion of my childhood. Please don’t die in the end!!!

5 thoughts on “Magic, Forever and Always

  1. Hi, Jeyna! Well, it wasn’t easy. For the past years, I have heard some spoilers already like, Hedwig would die, or Snape’s a complex character after all, etc. But whenever I would find out that the article am reading is abt HP, I’d close the window immediately. Haha.

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