Open Letter to the UP Pep Squad

Dear UP Pep Squad,

This is yet another common post to congratulate everyone in the team. You did it. Again. As always ever.

This year, everything means so much more than winning now. It’s about earning everyone’s respect for your standing up for the discriminated and the disheartened. That behind every pyramid where the ladies served as bases to lift the men, a statement was being nudged towards the audience. And I’m pretty sure, the message of equality was clearly sent across the misinformed.

We couldn’t be any prouder of you, guys. It’s not every year that a cheering team decides to challenge themselves by handling profound concepts as their theme, and very few teams really live up to their banner such as yours. You really show that intellectual discourses do not just stop inside the four walls of the classroom.

What I really want to say is, we in the UP crowd would like to thank you for a number of reasons–for showcasing a perfect run, for being a real sport about winning second, and for demonstrating a higher form of celebrated eminence through a shared vision. You’re just one of the many reasons why we keep on loving the university.

Thank you, UP Pep! We will always support you and everything you stand for!

Until the next battle.


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