I am not gone.🙂 I’m sorry for not posting here for a very looooong time. I had some things to do and make clear for my troubled mind. Anyway, I am posting now to compel myself to begin writing again.🙂

For today, I only wanted to tell that I just came from Cauayan City, Isabela yesterday. I was invited by an organization to deliver a lecture and conduct a small workshop on Creative Writing (yehes!) at the Isabela State University. It was a one-day talk about the quirks and trends and fortunate contingencies of creative writing. Over three hundred high school and college students attended, which was overwhelming, because I only expected about a hundred attendees.


This is half of the “delegates,” heehee. I just sneaked to take a photo because I was shy.🙂

At first I thought that it’s just a small event but apparently I was mistaken. The dean of the college was there, several teachers also were present. It was held in the university’s gymnasium so I had to use a mike. These things were unexpected so my nerves were over me in the beginning. Good thing I prepared well for it. I even prepared a Powerpoint presentation even if I suck at making those.

In the end, the lecture went well. My stories and examples and anecdotes from personal experiences actually helped to make it engaging. They listened. They nodded in agreement. They snickered in my remarks. They took notes.

Part of the objectives of the lecture is to awaken them about the situation of and trends in the Contemporary Filipino Literature–who are the best Filipino short story writers or poets or novelists to look for. I wanted them to be aware that Filipiniana is emerging, and I am not even talking about Wattpad.

I also mentioned about the challenges of being a creative writer, the characteristics they should possess in order to become a creative writing major, and of course, possible careers for a CW graduate. We even had a small workshop where I chose ten outstanding pieces.

It was fun. I had real fun with young students listening intently. I can only hope that yesterday’s event becomes the advent of their interest in reading and writing.


The tarp was even colossal, I tell you. Pretty dope, ayt? Haha.

2 thoughts on “Hello.

  1. “I wanted them to be aware that Filipiniana is emerging, and I am not even talking about Wattpad.” – dami kong tawa dito haha

    Anyway, I’m so happy for you! This post makes me want to attend your workshop. Sana may part 2, 3, 4 etcetera! :]

    • Apparently, most teenagers actually read Wattpad. But I didn’t want to discourage them from reading so I told them it’s a good start. Only, they should challenge themselves by proofreading the stories there, and eventually pick better literary pieces.

      And thanks, Rani!😉

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