apols to those who have not read anything, have read it already, and the others who don’t have intention of reading but have seen it anway

Alright. Before posting something here, I think I may have to make an apology for my sort of inactivity for the last three months–six months if you exclude the very few entries I have halfheartedly been posting since March. Okay, so here are a few things about me that I have been wanting to write about but I honestly couldn’t because of the lack of the drive and the lack of time.

  1. I quit being a teacher and now work for the government;
  2. I have not been writing anything aside from a few scribbles on the back of receipts I find in my wallet;
  3. There are only a few books I have purchased and read since January;
  4. I still don’t watch TV which means I still have few knowledge on current events and the novelty;
  5. I still wash my own clothes, but I now use the iron often since they require formal wear there at the office;
  6. Still single; and,
  7. My current job (and reading and watching Anthony Bourdain) made me appreciate the beauty in travelling.

For the next few weeks, I promised to devote some time in sharing a few things I learned, experienced, and felt in those rare times I’m out of the city. And hopefully, it’d engage me into writing again, about anything that could strip me off this indolence. Well, hopefully.

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