About Danie


D. Gonzalvo is a Creative Writing graduate of the University of the Philippines Diliman whose thesis mapped the young adult character in short stories. He worked as a researcher for the police in Camp Crame, an upper school teacher in Timberland Heights, and occasional contributor in ride-along stints for independent films’ scripts or logistics. He’s currently working for the educational reform in the country (which may or may not sound cool).

D. Gonzalvo has a strange liking to unruled notebooks, Chinatown, bitter coffee, FM radio, grainy photos, and the sound of fingers pounding a keyboard. He doesn’t watch TV, doesn’t read the news, and has fondness with the smell of books.

He currently lives with friends in an apartment that does not have fire exits.

7 thoughts on “About Danie

  1. Hi Danie,

    I am working on a “UPLB” planner (as asked by a student organization) featuring the highlights of said campus. I was wondering if you would grant me permission to use some of your photos (with due credit, of course) for some of the pages of the planner.

    All the best,

  2. Dear Mr. Gonzalvo:
    Your writing is great. Thanks for sharing, There is an IRRI photo which is a nice view about IRRI (I visited it last March). I am writing a book that mentions IRRI, and would you please kindly allow me to use that picture as an illustration?
    Ji-Shing Lin, PhD

    • Hello, Ji-Shin Lin. Sure, you can use the photo/s youre referring to. You can give me your email address so I could send you the original file. Good luck to your book–perhaps you could show me the illustration once it’s done. If you could. 🙂

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